About Navigate Residential, LLC

Navigate Residential, LLC opened its doors in 2011 with the simple mission of leading every buyer and seller to a positive outcome through the provision of accurate, unbiased information and unparalleled service. And, by positive outcome, we don’t necessarily mean a closing. We plan to be around for long time, and that will only happen if we build and sustain trusted relationships with our clients. We believe that if our ultimate goal is always to get to the closing, we might potentially be losing sight of our clients’ best interests. However, when our clients are ready to move on selling or buying a home, we put all our knowledge, skill and resources into making that happen.

At Navigate Residential, LLC, we believe, in the end, that whether a decision is “good” or “bad” is relative and highly subjective, so we do our best to help each client flesh out what is most important to them. Do they care most about the home as an investment, or is this not the priority? Do they care most about the function and comfort of a home? Or, is finding a home in the perfect location the ultimate goal? No matter what our clients determine as most important, the agents at Navigate Residential, LLC will help them understand both the positives and potential negatives of any scenario.